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In this image:A photo of IPA leadership staff at an IPA Directors' Meeting. © 2023 IPA
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Daisy Kandyata headshot photo

From Our Staff

Even though we are "just doing research," I can feel the impact that IPA's work, my work, and our work is bringing to the people.

Daisy Kandyata, Field Manager, IPA Zambia; with IPA since 2013
Ann Mayuga headshot photo

From Our Staff

Everyone is just one email away regardless of the distance and time zones. The people who I have worked with will always be memorable for me.

Ann Mayuga, Operations Manager, IPA Philippines; with IPA since 2006
Daiva Latifi headshot photo

From Our Staff

I love working with others that enjoy making a difference. This organization is always changing, making for new challenges and new opportunities for growth.

Daiva Latifi, Payroll Manager; with IPA since 2007
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