High-Quality Data

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In this image:Ileana, an enumerator with IPA in Panama, walks 8 hours' distance to a school in the Arcoiris community. © 2019 Pilar Ouro Paz
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Behind the Data

In this film, a data collection team with Innovations for Poverty Action travels to Pujehun district in Sierra Leone to conduct surveys for a randomized evaluation. While there, the team meets with elders, navigates barely passable roads, and travels by canoe to track survey respondents, all part of their mission to collect high-quality data. That data is then fed into the research and evidence decision-makers need in order to know what works, what doesn't, and why.

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Evidence can only be credible with high-quality data.

IPA has a team dedicated to ensuring that our country offices have the tools and training to adhere to our rigorous data quality standards.

Drawing on the wealth of local knowledge and surveying experience of IPA’s country offices and staff, we drive and promote innovations in research design, measurement tools, data collection, and quality control. For example, we leverage new technologies to improve measurements, examine the effects of surveyor characteristics on survey response, and test new ways to measure complex outcomes. We then share these findings publicly and use them to adjust our resources, training, and methods.