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In this image:An IPA/J-PAL workshop on "Investing in Education for the Future" in Liberia. © 2017 Rebecca Elcome
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In this short video, Larry Aber, Professor of Psychology and Public Policy at NYU, talks about how IPA helps researchers tune into policy and practice debate, and also helps policymakers learn more about research.

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For Researchers

“If you’re a new researcher wanting to break into the RCT world, how can you get funding? Partner with an established organization with strong quality control like IPA.”

Joost de Laat, Professor of Economics and Director, Utrecht University, Centre for Global Challenges

Researchers looking for the highest-quality research support, coupled with local knowledge and policy relationships, partner with IPA. We are looking to engage researchers who want to push the boundaries of innovation and/or bridge research and action at scale.

Our experienced staff can:

  • Connect researchers with implementing partners (and vice versa)
  • Help identify funding opportunities
  • Assist with design and feasibility conversations
  • Lead field and survey teams to timely and cost-effective survey completion
  • Lead and/or support communications and meetings with implementing partners
  • Link researchers to IPA research quality standards and other resources
  • Support proposal narratives and budget creation
  • Manage grant and financial reporting
  • Promote and disseminate results

Who is in IPA’s research network?
View our directory of researchers here.

Does IPA have internal researchers? What do they do and how can they support my research?
Learn more about IPA’s Applied Research & Methods (ARM) Group, a core team of internal researchers at IPA dedicated to evidence generation and research innovation using the data gathered across hundreds of studies conducted by IPA every year.

What types of research projects does IPA partner with researchers on?
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What funding opportunities are available through IPA?
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Interested in partnering with us as a researcher?
Reach out to our Project Development team.