Research Support

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In this image:Participants in an IPA study on teacher transfers digitize marks from copies of students' tests in Kampala, Uganda. © 2018 Aude Guerrucci
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IPA is recognized for high-quality research implementation.

In a context of increasingly complex research management and fast-changing technologies, we aim to improve the quality and consistency of our data constantly. We create research tools, invest in our research staff, and provide direct technical support to deliver on this ambition.

IPA’s core competence is the successful design and implementation of RCTs—which means developing a cadre of well-trained country directors, research managers, data associates, field managers, enumeration teams, grant managers, and more. These staff implement our data quality standards and manage research projects’ operations, finances, grants, and ethical reviews.

To collect the highest quality data, we have created open-source research tools and guidelines. These resources are available to our own staff and the general public. For example, IPA’s custom Data Management System is a Stata tool that helps research projects assess data quality in real-time. Researchers in and outside IPA’s network widely use these tools

We also provide direct technical support to staff through our Global Research and Data Support (GRDS) team. The GRDS team centrally develops research tools, provides staff training opportunities, oversees compliance with IPA’s data quality standards, and provides direct coding and troubleshooting services to research staff. The team can be contacted anytime by anyone in the world via