M&E is broken. The development sector is not learning nearly enough. Do you want to help us fix it? Explore our open positions and join a brilliant, impact-driven, compassionate team.

To get in touch with the Right-Fit Evidence team, please email rightfit@poverty-action.org.

The Right-Fit Evidence Team is hiring! See below for current opportunities within the RFE team, and visit IPA's jobs page for other open positions at IPA.

Why work at the RFE unit?

Outstanding talent

The RFE unit is built by sharp strategists and creative thinkers who are dedicated to solving the most pressing challenges in international development. Our interdisciplinary work allows staff members to quickly develop expertise in a broad range of areas across M&E, and use their skills to deliver meaningful improvement to our clients across the globe. We seek applications from those who want to work on cutting-edge problems, surrounded by a team that will empower you to do the best work of your career.

Mission-driven work

At the RFE unit we care about having a positive impact on global poverty through IPA’s mission of promoting effective, evidence-based solutions. Questions such as “Will this be a net good for the world?” are commonplace in our strategic and methodological analyses. If you yearn to make a difference with your career, focusing on meaningful metrics and goals, then this work is for you.

Nurturing culture

Our team is committed to investing in the personal and professional development of each of its members. We take every staff member’s ideas seriously, regardless of the professional level they occupy, creating a humble and nurturing culture where everyone feels appreciated. Our team sees feedback as a gift, which is provided regularly through kind and direct communication, as well as through formal performance reviews based on individual professional development goals.