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At IPA, we believe that high-quality research and transparency go hand in hand.

IPA values research transparency, which includes sharing data with the scientific community for re-analysis. In 2014, we launched our research transparency initiative to promote sharing data and code, as well as to register research studies. As a part of this effort, IPA has adopted organization-wide open science practices. We require all of IPA’s randomized evaluations to be pre-registered with the AEA RCT Registry or an equivalent registry and that researchers share their data and code publicly in our data repository within three years following data collection or with first publication. We provide training and support on data curation and publication as well as best practices for managing data and code.

The searchable database below includes links to IPA studies with data within our repository, as well as links to IPA studies with data available elsewhere online. If there are IPA studies for which you are interested in accessing the data but are not yet available here, please contact to inquire about availability. We will do our best to support your request.