IPA Zambia is currently working with multiple ministries in the Government of Zambia to evaluate and support the scaling of successful programs.


IPA-Zambia and J-PAL Africa, with support from USAID, UNICEF, and VVOB, participated in the Ministry of Education’s working group to scale up a targeted instruction program called Catch Up, informed by over a decade of rigorous research around the world and two years of iterative learning in Zambia, to approximately 1,800 schools over three years.


Since 2011, IPA Zambia and researchers have been engaging closely with the Ministry of General Education to use evidence from the evaluation of a curriculum called Girls Arise! which taught girls interpersonal skills for negotiating with authority figures in their lives. Based on initial results that the training improved girls’ negotiation skills, the Zambian Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Development Center integrated the negotiation training into their revised life skills and sexual health curriculum, reaching all grade 8 pupils in government schools beginning in early 2016.


In sub-Saharan Africa, young girls drop out of school at higher rates than boys. A large portion of drop outs occur between primary and secondary school, when families in most countries have to...

Our Impact

The World Health Organization and the Zambian government are using evidence from an IPA evaluation to improve health care delivery.

An evaluation led by...

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From March 20-22, the Zambian Ministry of Health, with support from USAID, DFID, and the Population Council, convened the first national Evidence for Impact research symposium.​ The theme of this...