IPA Webcast on Cash Transfers vs. a Standard Development Program

IPA Webcast on Cash Transfers vs. a Standard Development Program

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How do standard development programs compare to just giving people cash? What is the most effective and scalable way to address the challenge of child malnutrition?

In Rwanda, an IPA research team aimed to answer these questions by setting cash grants as a “benchmark” for a nutrition and WASH program, and the landmark results were released in September. While the study has been widely covered in major media outlets including The New York Times and NPR, many still have questions about the findings and implications for policy and practice.

In this live webcast on October 17, participants heard about the study directly from the researchers and IPA—the motivations for the research, the design, and results, and what the results can (and can’t) tell us. A Q&A session then followed.

Panelists included:

  • Craig McIntosh (University of California, San Diego), co-principal investigator of the study
  • Andrew Zeitlin (Georgetown University), co-principal investigator of the study
  • Nathanael Goldberg, Director of the Social Protection Program at IPA
  • Laura Burke, Policy Communications Manager at IPA, moderated the webcast.

Watch the webcast recording below:




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