Angela Ofori-Atta

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Angela Ofori-Atta

Angela Ofori-Atta

Associate Professor, School of Medicine and Dentistry

University of Ghana

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Prof. Angela Ofori-Atta is the Chairperson of the Psychology Council. She is the founder and director of the Psych Corps, a program for national service psychology graduates set up in collaboration with Yale University, University of Ghana Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology, and the National Service Secretariat. She currently teaches at the University of Ghana School of Medicine and Dentistry. She is well known for her published research and pilots culturally appropriate service delivery in mental health. Prof Ofori-Atta pioneered how to teach young people in public schools about AIDS, set up mental health services in Ghana’s Upper West Region, and organized volunteers to participate in activities with children of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital. She was a co-principal investigator for the Mental Health and Poverty Project in Ghana. She serves on the boards of The Enterprise Group, Databank, Alpha Ghana, and the Asbury Dunwell Church. Prof. Ofori-Atta actively advocated for the passage of Ghana’s mental health law. She is the immediate past president of the Ghana Psychological Association.

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