Abu S. Shonchoy

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Abu Shonchoy

Abu Shonchoy

Associate Professor of Economics

Florida International University

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Abu S. Shonchoy is an applied economist interested in issues of global development with a focus on evidence-based policy research. His current research interests are on financial inclusion, skills training, infrastructure, and education. He has several ongoing field experiments (RCTs) in South Asia and West Africa. Completed projects are available as working papers and articles in international peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Development Economics, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, World Bank Economic Review, and World Development, to name a few. Abu was awarded the Albert Berry Prize at the Canadian Economic Association (CEA) Conference for the Best Paper in Development Economics in 2016. He recently published an edited book titled "Seasonality and Micro-credit" from Springer and is currently a J-PAL affiliate professor and a fellow of IZA and GLO.

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