Established in 1999 out of the complementary goals of its two founding institutions, De La Salle University and the Angelo King Foundation, the DLSU–Angelo King Institute merges its founding institutions’ drive for research excellence, policy relevance and overriding concern for poverty alleviation. Supported by a worldwide network of donors and partners, the Institute has established a niche in the area of research by integrating economic and business studies, and by combining macro and micro perspective.

Since its establishment in 1999, the Institute has been undertaking research projects in the areas of (a) industrial restructuring and development in the Philippines, (b) global and regional production networks, (c) agricultural marketing and trade, (d) investments in agricultural research and development, (e) family business issues, (f) cost analysis in higher education institutions, (g) managing risks and opportunities of financial liberalization and integration, and (h) corporate governance and banking.