December 05, 2022 - December 06, 2022
Dublin, Ireland

Innovations for Poverty Action, the Trinity Impact Evaluation Unit, the Gender Innovation Lab at the World Bank, and Concern Worldwide hosted a two-day conference on the latest findings in research on multifaceted anti-poverty programs. The conference highlighted research on anti-poverty programming with innovations targeting mental wellbeing, gender, household risk and resilience, climate and environmental outcomes.


01. Pathways out of Extreme Poverty: Tackling Psychosocial and Capital Constraints with a Multi-faceted Social Protection Program in the Sahel
Patrick Premand
02. The Impact of a Graduation Program on Livelihoods in Refugee and Host Communities in Uganda
Dean Karlan
03. Graduation Gender Targeting and Transformative Couples Training: Evidence from Malawi
Michael King
04. Mental Health Therapy as a Core Strategy for Increasing Human Capital: Evidence from Ghana
Dean Karlan
05. Personal initiative or interpersonal initiative: Psychosocial mechanisms and women's economic inclusion in Niger
Thomas Bossuroy
06. Improving Women's Mental Health during a Pandemic
Michael Vlassopoulos
07. Supporting Women's Livelihoods at Scale: Evidence from a Nationwide Multi-Faceted Program
Gareth Roberts
08. Couples Training for Gender Empowerment: Using Mixed Methods to Understand Graduation's Impact on Empowerment and Well-Being Outcomes
Tara Bedi
09. Multifaceted Programs Targeting Women in Fragile Settings: Evidence from the Democratic Republic of Congo
Manuela Angelucci
10. Roundtable Presentation: Gender, Economic Inclusion, and Innovation
Michael O'Sullivan
11. Ultra-poor graduation and environmental shocks: Evidence from the 2019 Malawian floods
Tara Bedi
12. Adaptation to Climate Change in Pakistan: Impacts on Disaster Preparedness and Resilience
Alexandra Avdeenko
13. Anticipatory cash transfers in climate disaster response
Ashley Pople
14. Conditional cash transfers to alleviate poverty also reduced deforestation in Indonesia
Rhita Simorangkir
15. Environmental effects of development programs: Experimental evidence from West African dryland forests
Simon Heß
16. Can Reminders of Rules Induce Compliance: Experimental Evidence from a Common Pool Resource Setting
Sabrina Eisenbarth
17. Climate Change and Economic Inclusion
Colin Andrews