New Directions in Anti-Poverty Research Conference

New Directions in Anti-Poverty Research Conference

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Innovations for Poverty Action, the Trinity Impact Evaluation Unit, the Gender Innovation Lab at the World Bank, and Concern Worldwide hosted a two-day conference on the latest findings in research on multifaceted anti-poverty programs. The conference highlighted research on anti-poverty programming with innovations targeting mental wellbeing, gender, household risk and resilience, climate and environmental outcomes.

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Monday, December 5, 2022

Panel A: New Directions

01. The Impact of a Graduation Program on Livelihoods in Refugee and Host Communities in Uganda
Dean Karlan

02. Graduation Gender Targeting and Transformative Couples Training: Evidence from Malawi
Michael King

03. Pathways out of Extreme Poverty: Tackling Psychosocial and Capital Constraints with a Multi-faceted Social Protection Program in the Sahel
Patrick Premand


Panel B: Mental Wellbeing

04. Mental Health Therapy as a Core Strategy for Increasing Human Capital: Evidence from Ghana
Dean Karlan

05. Personal initiative or interpersonal initiative: Psychosocial mechanisms and women's economic inclusion in Niger
Thomas Bossuroy

06. Improving Women's Mental Health during a Pandemic
Michael Vlassopoulos

Panel C: Gender

07. Supporting Women's Livelihoods at Scale: Evidence from a Nationwide Multi-Faceted Program
Gareth Roberts

08. Couples Training for Gender Empowerment: Using Mixed Methods to Understand Graduation's Impact on Empowerment and Well-Being Outcomes
Tara Bedi

09. Multifaceted Programs Targeting Women in Fragile Settings: Evidence from the Democratic Republic of Congo
Manuela Angelucci

Round Table: Gender and Economic Inclusion and Innovation

10. Roundtable Presentation: Gender, Economic Inclusion, and Innovation
Michael O'Sullivan

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Panel D: Household Risk and Resilience

11. Ultra-poor graduation and environmental shocks: Evidence from the 2019 Malawian floods
Tara Bedi

12. Adaptation to Climate Change in Pakistan: Impacts on Disaster Preparedness and Resilience
Alexandra Avdeenko

13. Anticipatory cash transfers in climate disaster response
Ashley Pople

Panel E: Environmental Outcomes and Anti-Poverty Projects

14. Conditional cash transfers to alleviate poverty also reduced deforestation in Indonesia
Rhita Simorangkir

15. Environmental effects of development programs: Experimental evidence from West African dryland forests
Simon Heß

16. Can Reminders of Rules Induce Compliance: Experimental Evidence from a Common Pool Resource Setting
Sabrina Eisenbarth

Round Table: Climate

17. Climate Change and Economic Inclusion
Colin Andrew