COVID-19, Gender, and Youth Employment in Kenya (Questionnaire)

COVID-19, Gender, and Youth Employment in Kenya (Questionnaire)

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The Government of Kenya, in partnership with the World Bank, is implementing a multi-year project, the Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project (KYEOP), to increase employment and earning opportunities for youth aged 18-29 years. The project involves several evaluations including the study of the combined and isolated impacts of providing small business grants, business development services (BDS) of different forms (in classroom, via one-on-one counselling visits, and with digital means), and behavioral interventions. In particular, two of the interventions in the original design are gender intentional in design: lightly moderated peer groups via WhatsApp, as women are less likely to have existing business mentors or formal associations, and future self-exercise as women are less likely to know successful older business role models. The study was launched in the middle of 2019 and baseline data for study participants across both components was collected in January and February 2020 before COVID-19 related lockdowns were put in place.

This project is a part of the Women's Work, Entrepreneurship, and Skilling (WWES) Initiative. Learn more here.


Francisco Campos (The World Bank)Maria Hernandez-de-Benito (The World Bank); Julian C. Jamison (University of Exeter); Abla Safir (The World Bank); Bilal Zia (The World Bank)


State Department for Youth, Micro and Small Enterprises Authority (Kenya)

The World Bank

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  • CATI (Computer-assisted telephone interviewing)

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