IPA Myanmar is currently implementing several policy-relevant studies. In cooperation with the Myanmar National Social Protection Strategic Plan, IPA is conducting the first-ever randomized evaluation in the country on an unconditional cash transfer program focusing on maternal and child health. 


IPA is also working closely with the Government of Myanmar and local and international stakeholders on other rigorous evaluations to inform socio-economic policy decisions, including a study of the National Community-Driven Development Program run in collaboration with the Myanmar Development Institute and Department of Rural Development and supported by the International Growth Centre.

In another project, IPA partnered with the Joint Peace Fund to run a public opinion research to inform Myanmar’s national peace process.


Inadequate nourishment in the first years of life can impair children’s physical and cognitive development, with long-term consequences on their earnings and productivity. In Myanmar, which has...

IPA Myanmar participated in the workshop to design the impact evaluation of Myanmar’s National Community Driven Development Project. The event brought together officials from the Department of Rural...
Myanmar Roundtable 9.25.18
On September 25, IPA Myanmar hosted its first of a series of roundtables to discuss the potential use of impact evaluations for programming and policy across various sectors in Myanmar. This...