Resources and Tools for Impact Evaluation

Resources and Tools for Impact Evaluation

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IPA assembled this set of resources for use in designing and running an impact evaluation. Beginning with the need for a theory-driven evaluation, and ending with a set of concrete tools to use in running an evaluation, they cover a range of practical materials useful for organizations that are considering a rigorous impact evaluation.

This set of resources cover the following topics:

  • theories of change and impact evaluations
  • determining the right timing for an evaluation
  • selecting the right evaluation methodology
  • designing and managing a randomized evaluation
  • calculating sample size and doing power calculations
  • mobile data collection
  • administrative data
  • data management and analysis

For organizations with strong internal technical capacity, these resources will provide valuable practical guidance for designing and implementing a credible impact evaluation. And for organizations without the internal capacity to design and run an impact evaluation, these resources will help key staff members understand the intricacies of a credible evaluation so they can recruit qualified external researchers to carry it out.

January 04, 2016