In the last ten years, we have created a solid body of evidence. Our work has already contributed to improving millions of lives. For example, as a result of an IPA study, over 40 million kids have been treated for intestinal worms, leading to a significant increase in their school attendance. Now, with over 500 studies, we have reached a key juncture: for this work to be worthwhile, we need to build on our successes and ensure that all this evidence translates into actual programs and policies.

To achieve our vision, in the next five years IPA will continue to create More Evidence of what works best to help the poor, and we will expand our capacity to mobilize and support decisionmakers to use evidence, resulting in Better Programs and Policies. To get there, we will leverage our unique local presence, and build a strong organization with the People, Systems, and Resources necessary to achieve our goals.

Publication type: 
Annual Report
September 01, 2013