Reginald Quansah

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Reginald Quansah


University of Ghana

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My research focuses on children and women’s environmental health and, more broadly, assessing environmental exposures and their potential health effects in highly vulnerable populations including mothers, children, low-income/underserved communities, and occupational populations. Specifically, I am interested in assessing the impact of environmental exposures in homes and at schools; and the health impacts of pesticides, indoor biomass, outdoor air pollution, climate change, and chemicals in consumer products on vulnerable populations. I also seek to take my research a step further and design and implement interventions to mitigate environmental exposures and minimize the risk of potential adverse health outcomes.I have experience working in women’s environmental health research and conducting exposure and epidemiologic pesticide and indoor biomass research. I have expertise in methods in systematic review and meta-analysis and have led several international projects in this area including effectiveness of interventions to reduce indoor air pollution and/or improve health in homes using solid fuel in lower and middle income countries; indoor mold exposure and health; arsenic in drinking water and adverse pregnancy outcomes, etc

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