Janet Zhou

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Janet Zhou

Director, Strategy, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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Janet Zhou is a Director in the Strategy Office of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where she advises teams in the Global Health and Gender Equality divisions on the development and execution of their strategies. She is also a Director of the Gender Impact Accelerators team, which is home to a Data and Insights portfolio and a Digital Connectivity portfolio focused on closing the gender digital divide.

Prior to her current role, Janet ran the strategy and operations for the Pneumonia, Enteric and Diarrheal Diseases (EDD), Maternal, Newborn & Child Health Discovery & Tools, Vaccine Development, Surveillance, and Malaria and Neglected Tropical Disease teams. She previously worked in the foundation’s strategy office helping the Family Planning team develop its strategy and the Polio team conduct its midterm review for its eradication strategy. Her work has ranged from strategy development to implementation planning to change management to reviewing and adapting strategies.

Before joining the foundation, Janet worked at the Boston Consulting Group on a variety of topics ranging from climate change to healthcare to technology. She has also spent time as a researcher at MIT, modeling the impact of healthcare reform in the United States, and as an independent consultant for REDF, a venture philanthropy seeking double bottom lines. Janet has a B.S. from MIT in Management Science and received her MBA from Harvard Business School.

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