Adrien Bouguen

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Adrien Bouguen

Adrien Bouguen

Assistant Professor, Economics

Santa Clara University

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Adrien Bouguen is a newly appointed assistant professor at Santa Clara University. He is conducting research in lower (Cambodia, Burkina Faso Ethiopia) and higher-income (France) countries, in the field of education, development economics, and agricultural economics. He is particularly interested in how human capital accumulates throughout life and which policies (educational, health, psychological) are likely to stimulate such accumulation. Adrien currently runs several Social Experiments and partners with several research institutions all over the world (IPA, J-PAL, the World Bank). Adrien holds a PhD from the Paris School of Economics and was previously conducting research at UC Berkeley as a post-doctoral researcher. Adrien also teaches an undergrad class in Economics of Education (ECON 151) and in Data Analysis and Econometrics (ECON 41 & 42).

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