Salifu Amadu

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Salifu Amadu

Salifu Amadu

Country Director, Ghana

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Salifu is the Country Director for IPA Ghana. Salifu previously served as Country Representative for IPA Zambia. Prior to that, he spent about eight years working at IPA Ghana, rising through the ranks from Field Manager all the way to Northern Regional Manager and Health, Sanitation, and Social Protection sector lead. Salifu has managed and supervised several rigorous evaluations at IPA and worked with several PIs in the Education, Health, Sanitation, Agriculture, Social Protection, and Financial Inclusion sectors. He has over seven years of experience managing several rigorous evaluations in Ghana.

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“At IPA, you get to really think through and come up with something new all the time. And every study is almost like a new challenge.”
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Country Director, Ghana