Intimate Partner Violence Initiative Application Guidelines: RFP Round 4 (Fall 2021)

Intimate Partner Violence Initiative Application Guidelines: RFP Round 4 (Fall 2021)

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The Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Initiative has launched the fourth round (Fall 2021) of its competitive fund. Proposals are due by 11:59pm EST December 17, 2021. We particularly encourage multidisciplinary teams that include researchers that are from the countries where the field research occurs, and includes researchers with previous gender/IPV experience. Those interested in applying are asked to first read through our funding priorities on our website.

With this call for proposals, IPA solicits proposals from research teams interested in expanding their existing studies to further investigate this important topic. In most cases, we expect to fund studies in which the intervention was not originally intended to target IPV, and the assessment of IPV outcomes were not part of the original study design. However, we will consider funding for the expansion of studies already focused on IPV where there is a unique opportunity to add novel insights. Thematically, there is particular interest in women’s economic productivity and labor market engagement; the most effective “plus” programs for “cash plus” activities; couples counseling and mental health support from paraprofessionals; partner selection and “dating violence”; and adolescent mentorship and soft skills training programs. However, we will be happy to consider a broader range of interventions so long as the research studies are ethically designed and there is a plausible theoretical basis for why we would expect to see changes in IPV. Examples of projects that received funding in previous rounds can be found here.

The application materials for this call for proposals are:

Please contact the IPV Initiative team with any questions.

November 05, 2021