September 28, 2017
Washington D.C., United States

Using innovation to achieve efficient and impactful development outcomes requires pairing smart risks with evidence-based investment. “Evidence and Innovation” Day kicked off USAID's Global Innovation Week on Thursday, September 28, and showcased promising innovations that prove their impact, cost-effectiveness and potential to scale. It also featured new approaches to generating and utilizing results to increase development impact. The day featured many IPA studies, policy engagements, partners, and researchers.

Dean Karlan, Founder of IPA, gave a talk on the "graduation" model, Annie Duflo, Executive Director of IPA, talked about IPA's soapy handwashing and community health worker studies on a behavioral nudge panel, and various IPA researchers and partners presented work in collaboration with IPA - from No Lean Season in Bangladesh to Living Goods in Uganda. Both Living Goods and No Lean Season are part of IPA's collection of case studies on how IPA achieves impact. Chris Blattman, Academic Lead for IPA's Peace & Recovery Program spoke about peace-building as brokering long-lasting agreements in post-conflict settings.