IPA Co-Hosts First Forum for the Design of Public Policies Based on Evidence

IPA Co-Hosts First Forum for the Design of Public Policies Based on Evidence

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On February 4, the Vice-Presidency of the Dominican Republic through the Cabinet for Coordination for Social Policy (GCPS), celebrated the first "Forum for the Design of Public Policy Based on Evidence." The event gathered policymakers in the social protection sector and aimed to identify areas of research needs within six broad policy areas: education, early childhood development, health, intimate partner violence, financial inclusion, and youth employment.

The Technical Director for GCPS inaugurated the event emphasizing the role of her institution in creating coordinating spaces for effective collaboration between the institutions relevant for social protection policies. Elianny Medina, the Coordinator of M&E for GCPS presented the organization's newly instituted Evidence Lab. Later, a panel discussion led by Elianny Medina with representatives from IPA, JPAL and academic institutions, explored the importance of evidence creation for policy design and implementation. Cooperation agreements were signed between GCPS and IPA as well as GCPS and JPAL, the two strategic partners of the GCPS' Evidence Lab.

Participants broke into sector-specific working tables for the afternoon where each table identified research needs that could be turned into intervention proposals. 

Event speakers included: Rosa Maria Suarez and Elianny<a href="https://do.linkedin.com/in/elianny-medina-b87463b1"&gt; </a>Medina (<a href="https://gabinetesocial.gob.do/el-gabinete-social/despacho-del-director/…;), <a href="/people/Christopher-Nielson">Christopher Nielson</a> (Princeton University), <a href="/people/Sean-Higgins">Sean Higgins</a> (Northwestern University), <a href="/people/Heidi-McAnnally-Linz">Heidi McAnnally-Linz</a> (IPA), <a href="/people/Kyle-Holloway">Kyle Holloway</a> (IPA), <a href="/people/Laura-Rodriguez">Laura Rodriguez</a> (IPA), <a href="/people/Eduardo-Vargas">Eduardo Vargas</a> (JPAL), <a href="/people/Maria-Luisa-Vasquez">Maria Luisa Vasquez</a> (JPAL).
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