IPA Co-Hosts 2023 Researcher Gathering

IPA Co-Hosts 2023 Researcher Gathering

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On October 12-14, IPA and the Global Poverty Research Lab (GPRL) at Northwestern University will host the 2023 Annual Researcher Gathering. This is an invitation-only event. The three-days focused on the following themes:

Methods and Measurement: Researchers present and discuss recent advances in measurement, under the Research Methods Initiative’s three strands: Research Design and Analysis, Fieldwork Implementation and Data Collection, and Questionnaire Design and Measurement.

Consumer Protection: Researchers present and discuss early-stage, in-progress research and working papers addressing key consumer protection risks in financial services: fraud; redress and complaints handling; transparency; consumer choice; and overindebtedness.

Financial Inclusion and Social Protection: Researchers present and discuss early results and recent working papers on financial inclusion and social protection research, including new work on digital credit, wages and household finance, digital finance adoption, social safety nets and more.