Evidence in Financial Inclusion I: New Findings and their Applications

Evidence in Financial Inclusion I: New Findings and their Applications

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On May 16th in Bogota, IPA and <a href="http://www.asobancaria.com/">Asobancaria</a&gt; (with support from the Citi Foundation) co-hosted a workshop for 40 high- and mid-level policymakers and financial service providers interested in learning how rigorous evidence can help them better serve their customers. During the one-day event, attendees engaged in a series of discussions that encouraged them to think about how recent financial inclusion evidence applies to their institutions and how RCTs can be useful for decision-making. The event showcased evidence produced by evaluations funded by the Citi IPA Financial Capability Research Fund and included presentations by Annie Duflo, Executive Director of IPA; Xavier Gine, Senior Economist at the World Bank; Santiago Castro Gómez, President of Asobancaria; and Bernardo J. Chacín, President of Citi Colombia. The agenda from the event is available below. This workshop was the first in a series of three; the other two workshops were held in <a href="/event/evidence-financial-inclusion-ii-new-findings-and-their-applications">Manila</a> and <a href="/event/evidence-financial-inclusion-iii-new-findings-and-their-applications">Mumbai</a>.

<em>Participants at the May 16th Evidence in Financial Inclusion event.</em>


<em>Bernardo J Chacín, President of Citi Colombia; Xavier Gine, Lead Economist at the World Bank; and Annie Duflo, Executive Director at IPA give their opening remarks.</em>


<em>Sebastian Chaskel, IPA Colombia Country Director, introduces the event.</em>