June 14, 2016
Nairobi, Kenya

How can we use evidence more effectively to inform and improve government policies and programs?

IPA Kenya attended the Development Impact Evaluation division (DIME)’s forum on Using Evidence to Improve Policy and Program Designs in Nairobi, and presented IPA evaluations in the energy and sanitation sectors that focused on maximizing large-scale infrastructure investments.

Despite the fact that Kenya is one of the largest producers of impact evaluations in the world, this evidence often does not reach its intended audiences, limiting its potential to inform policy. Furthermore, research in its traditional form is often seen as lacking relevance for the operational and political realities that policymakers and practitioners face on a daily basis. DIME works jointly with National Government counterparts to build evidence that focuses on informing policy and operations by working throughout the life cycle of projects to improve the potential for development impacts. With this purpose, this one-day event brought together policymakers, practitioners and researchers in a high-level discussion on how evidence can be used to generate relevant insights from conception to completion of projects, and showcased a series of ongoing impact evaluations that provided examples of how to do this in practice.

Explore the presentations and additional information from the event attached below:


Big data and road safety
Arianna Legovini
How do we interpret evidence?
Aidan Coville
Improving efficiency courts
Lacey Ramirez
Kenya patient safety
Lupe Bedoya
Last mile electrification
Francis Meyo, Emma Smith
Maximizing infrastructure returns
Aidan Coville
Nzoia irrigation
Susumu Yoshida & Ezekiel Ndunda
Material Nzoia irrigation
Sustainable mobility for all
Nancy Vandycke