Project Development Process: Roles & Responsibilities


Research Concept Design Stage: Researchers take the lead in developing the research design, but it’s important to loop in the relevant IPA country contact as soon as you decide to start pursuing a project idea. They will assess feasibility of the project with you and fine-tune the project concept. You will work together to prepare a proposal to submit for funding. Your research design must be submitted to the IPA Research Review Committee (RRC) for review which provides an opportunity for academic feedback to ensure the quality and feasibility of project proposals. Researchers may be exempt if they meet one of the exemptions laid out here.

Seeking & Securing Funding: Both researchers and IPA work to identify funding opportunities to pursue. The researchers must maintain timely communication with IPA country contacts when they intend to pursue specific funding opportunities far in advance of the donor deadline. Ultimately, the researchers are responsible for finding appropriate and sufficient project funding to cover all activities, although IPA will assist as much as possible. Once a researcher states their intention to apply for a specific funding opportunity, IPA will provide a checklist of inputs required for the proposal and set a timeline to ensure a smooth submission process. Please adhere to IPA’s deadline of sending all final inputs at least 3 business days in advance of the donor deadline. This ensures ample time for an internal review of materials, finalization of all materials, and the submission. This process is on-going throughout a project’s life cycle, as needed.

Project Budgets: Based off of the research design agreed upon between the researcher(s) and IPA, the IPA country programs manager will draft the project budget. The researcher will have an opportunity to comment on the draft budget and ask questions. Note that some costs and charges are required in IPA budgets, but your IPA contact can answer all of those questions for you. Once both the researcher(s) and IPA agree on the budget, it will be reviewed by the IPA Regional Director who will either request further edits, or approve it for submission.

Proposal Narrative: Once notified, the IPA contact will help the researcher set a list of required proposal inputs and a submission timeline. The researcher will take the lead on writing the technical narrative. When required, IPA will provide institutional-related information such as past performance references, language on our organization and experience, etc. Please respect that all final inputs must be sent to IPA at least 3 business days before the donor deadline.

We won the award! What happens now?: Make sure you notify your IPA contact(s) of the proposal result if you hear back from the donor directly. The relevant IPA Grants Manager will be looped into the process to get the contract issued and signed. You will then be in touch with the IPA country office to plan the details to get your research project up and running.

Our proposal was rejected (bummer). What happens now?: Make sure you notify your IPA contact(s) of the proposal results if you hear back from the donor directly. If the proposal is rejected, it’s a minor setback, but IPA is happy to discuss next steps to seek out funding for your project. The cycle then repeats itself…

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