While primary school net enrolment rates are low in Nigeria overall, in the poor peri-urban community of Agege in Lagos State, preschool enrollment rates are surprisingly high. This high participation is reflecting both strong parental beliefs in the importance of preschool and the widespread availability of preschool facilities in schools. The preschool sector in Agege is dominated by private schools despite the decree by the Nigerian
government that every public primary school should have an attached preschool and that these public preschool services should be provided free of charge. An estimated 82% of preschool students in the study area are attending private preschools.
In August and September 2013 Innovations for Poverty Action conducted a data collection exercise in the Agege slum area of Lagos. 126 household surveys and 18 headmaster interviews were conducted with the aim of discovering the scale, cost and quality and preschool education in this area. This paper gives details of this research and its findings.
Kelly BidwellLoïc Watine
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December 01, 2013
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