Mpela Chembe

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Mpela Chembe

Mpela Chembe

Senior Research Associate

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Mpela Chembe is a Senior Research Associate at IPA Zambia. He has supported the implementation of numerous randomized controlled trials in health, financial inclusion, and governance, including the Impact of Growth Charts and Nutritional Supplements on Child Growth in Zambia (Zamcharts/Growth Charts) and the Enhancing Zambia’s Constituency Development Fund project. With a strong background in development and extensive experience in impact evaluation research, he has expertise in project management, survey programming, and data management.

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Mpela Chembe is a Senior Research Associate at IPA Zambia where he leads field teams in the implementation of rigorous studies. Mpela joined IPA in 2018, where he has supported and coordinated various RCTs projects encompassing disparate fields including financial inclusion, social protection, and health.
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Senior Research Associate