Taking Evidence to Scale

Taking Evidence to Scale

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We are at an exciting phase in understanding how to bring research results to scale.
During this symposium we will hear researchers and practitioners discuss the challenges and opportunities during the piloting, evaluation and scaling phases of programs. 
A cocktail reception announcing the launch of <a href="http://evidenceaction.org/">Evidence Action</a> will follow the symposium. Evidence Action scales proven development interventions and crafts resilient business models for long run success.

<strong>Arianna Legovini</strong>
<em>DIME, World Bank</em>

<strong>Alix Zwane</strong>
<em>Evidence Action</em>

<strong>Franck Wiebe</strong>
<em>Georgetown University</em>

<strong>Annie Duflo</strong>
<em>Innovations for Poverty Action</em>
<strong>Christina Riechers</strong>
<em>Evidence Action</em>
<strong>James Habyarimana</strong>
<em>Georgetown University</em>
<strong>Jessica Goldberg</strong>
<em>University of Maryland</em>
<strong>Jodi Nelson</strong>
<em>Bill &amp; Melinda Gates Foundation</em>


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