March 18, 2021
Online, Kenya

On March 18, IPA and J-PAL co-organized a closed-door roundtable discussion in Kenya, as inputs to the Population Policy for National Development, which is currently being revised. The event was co-hosted with the National Council for Population Development, the agency spearheading the policy revisions and that will have oversight over its implementation. Several key partners to the discussion were invited, including the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, the TVET Authority, the Micro and Small Enterprises Authority, and Educate!. 

Margaret Wanjiku Wanjohi, IPA's Kenya Policy Manager, presented on skilling programs that show promise for youth and women entrepreneurs, highlighting policy lessons from rigorous evidence. Through her presentation, she targeted objective 1 in the draft policy framework document: Contribute to efforts aimed at maximizing the human capital potential for national sustainable development (with particularity to Pillar 2: Education and Skills Development and Pillar 3: Employment and Entrepreneurship). Margaret also showcased the evaluations of the Educate program and GET Ahead (business training with a gender component) as examples of training programs that show promise in affecting relevant outcomes for women.