December 03, 2020 - December 04, 2020
10AM - 2PM EST
Online, United States

On December 3-4, 2020, Innovations for Poverty Action, the Trinity Impact Evaluation Unit, the Gender Innovation Lab at the World Bank, and Concern Worldwide held a two-day virtual conference to cover the latest findings in research on multifaceted poverty reduction programs. The conference also featured updates from graduation implementers and a series of "bite-size research" presentations, where researchers shared very short summaries of their current research projects in order to provide attendees with a broader picture of the graduation research landscape.


00. The State of Economic Inclusion 2021 | The Potential to Scale: Report Preview
Colin Andrews
01. Savings or Capital Support in a Livelihood Package for the Poor: Micro-entrepreneurship, social outcomes and local spillovers in post-conflict Côte d'Ivoire
Patrick Premand
Alicia Marguerie
02. Ultra-Poor Graduation and Environmental Shocks: Evidence from the 2019 Malawian Floods
Michael King
03. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the Context of a Graduation Program
Dean Karlan, Christopher Udry
04. Pay it forward: Impacts of a rural livelihoods program with built-in spillovers
Sarah Janzen, Nicholas Magnan
05. Group vs Individual Livelihoods and Coaching: Testing Alternative Government-Led Social Protection Strategies in the Philippines
Emily Beam
06. Bite-Sized Research Presentations - ALL
07. Case Studies from Graduation Implementers in Malawi and Uganda
08. Pathways out of Poverty: Tackling Psychosocial and Capital Constraints with a Multi-Faceted Social Protection Program in Niger
Patrick Premand, Julia Vaillant
09. Social and Economic Impacts of a Gendered Graduation Approach in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Rachel Heath, Eva Noble
10. The Impact of a Graduation Program on Livelihoods in Refugee and Host Communities in Uganda
Lasse Brune
11. The Long-Run Impacts of the Graduation Program in Ethiopia and Ghana
Nathan Barker
12. Long-Term Effects of the Targeting the Ultra Poor Program in India
Garima Sharma
13. Why Do People Stay Poor? Evidence on Poverty Traps from Rural Bangladesh
Robin Burgess
14. Multi-faceted Social Protection: Can it work? Yes. Now ask why and how.
Dean Karlan