November 08, 2019
6 PM - 7 PM
Yangon, Myanmar

On November 8, during Professor Subhrendu K. Pattanayak’s visit to Myanmar for the inception workshop of the solar energy project, IPA Myanmar held a lecture talk to graduate students from the Yangon University of Economics (YUE). This event, titled "Climate Change, Air Pollution, and Human Health: Can Economics Research Help Address these Ominous Links?” was co-hosted by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) from 6 pm to 7 pm at the YUE campus. This event was attended by partners from the IDRC and Duke University as well as approximately 60 graduate students and 3 YUE professors. This event was mainly targeted for the capacity building of Myanmar's young researchers. It was successfully able to introduce economic research tools and methodologies to local researchers. Using previous research as examples, this lecture also talked about how economic research could help climate change, air pollution, and human health.