July 14, 2014
Tamale, Ghana

Dean Karlan (Yale; President, IPA; Chair, J-PAL’s Finance and Microfinance Program), Chris Udry (Yale; Co-chair, J-PAL’s Agriculture Program; IPA affiliate), and IPA Ghana staff officially launched the Disseminating Innovative Resources and Technologies for Smallholders (DIRTS) project, which examines the impact of access to improved-yield agricultural inputs and agricultural extension advice on land cultivation and earnings among farmers in northern Ghana who received access to rainfall insurance. During the event that accompanied the launch of the program, Dean and Chris presented results from the Examining Under-Investment in Agriculture (EUI) project. The 50 participants included district and regional representatives from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA), commercial agro-input dealers, NGOs, and local media. During the event, the Regional Director for MOFA, one of the key partners on the DIRTS project, expressed his support and emphasized the importance of rigorous evaluation.