Pheliciah Mkaisaka Mwachofi

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Pheliciah Mwachofi

Pheliciah Mkaisaka Mwachofi

Senior Research Associate

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Pheliciah is a Senior Research Associate at IPA Nigeria, with over seven years of experience overseeing diverse RCT studies in East and West Africa. She previously served as a Quality Associate on a health project at IPA Kenya. Prior to IPA, she pioneered a government-implemented health facility inspection system as a Quality Officer with the World Bank. Her project management expertise spans across sectors such as irregular migration, human trafficking, livelihood programs, and health. Pheliciah has a BSc in Dietetics from Kenyatta University.

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Pheliciah Mkaisaka Mwachofi
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Pheliciah Mkaisaka Mwachofi
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