Elizabeth Adelman

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Elizabeth Adelman

Elizabeth Adelman

Doctoral researcher

Harvard Graduate School of Education

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Elizabeth Adelman has over 10 years of experience working in international education and development in Latin America, Africa and Asia with expertise in early grade literacy, monitoring and evaluation, research design and implementation, and program management. Elizabeth first began her career in Concepcion, Chile where she founded and ran her own independent English language training program.  Since leaving Chile, Elizabeth has served in a variety of roles and supported numerous research projects and education programs across the globe.  Elizabeth oversaw early grade reading and school effectiveness research for USAID and the World Bank and has lead research teams in a number of countries including Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Mozambique and Kenya.  Her current research is focused on the use of child-to-child learning strategies as a cost-effective approach to supporting early grade literacy development. She is also supporting the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine as well as the Aga Khan Foundation in the evaluation of two separate large-scale education projects implemented Kenya.  Elizabeth is presently pursuing her doctorate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she also completed her M.A in International Education Policy. Elizabeth is a frequent traveler to non-frequented places, an avid photographer and speaks Spanish with a strong Chilean accent.

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