Senior Management Team

Annie Duflo, Executive Director
Executive Director
Stacey Daves-Ohlin
General Counsel
Eric Fullilove
Chief Financial Officer
Steven Glazerman
Chief Research & Methodology Officer
Bruce Hickling
Chief Global Programs Officer
Radha Rajkotia
Chief Research & Policy Officer

Global Functional Leadership

Associate Director, Communications
Heidi McAnnally-Linz
Director of Policy & External Relations
John Palien
Global Human Resources Director
Bethany Park
Associate Director, Policy
Tien Ngo
Director, Grants & Contracts
Director of Technology
Christine Papai
Associate Director, Philanthropic Partnerships
Internal Principal Investigator
Pace Phillips
Director of Business and Program Development
Lindsey Shaughnessy
Associate Director, Global Research & Data Support
Rachel Steinacher
Associate Director of Business and Program Development
Bianca Verrilli
Global Operations Director
Loic Watine
Director, Right-Fit Evidence Unit

Regional Leadership

Suleiman Asman
Regional Director, East Africa
Claudia Casarotto
Regional Director, West Africa
Juan Manuel Hernandez-Agramonte
Deputy Regional Director, Latin America
Prathap Kasina
Regional Director, Asia and Latin America

Sector Leadership

Nathanael Goldberg
Director of Sector Programs
Sebastian Chaskel, Program Director, Peace & Recovery
Program Director, Peace & Recovery
Elliott Collins
Director of Poverty Measurement
Kate Glynn-Broderick
Associate Director, Financial Inclusion Program
Sarah Kabay
Program Director, Education
Rafe Mazer
Project Director, Consumer Protection
Rebecca Rouse
Program Director, Financial Inclusion
Lucia Sanchez
Program Director, Small & Medium Enterprises

Country Leadership

Salifu Amadu
Country Representative, Zambia
Sergio De Marco
Country Director, Peru and Paraguay
Andreas Holzinger
Country Director, Liberia & Sierra Leone
Country Director, Bangladesh
Marius Ogoukonle Chabi
Country Director, Francophone West Africa
Emeka Eluemunor
Country Director, Nigeria
Odette Gonzalez Carrillo
Country Representative, Mexico
Kyle Holloway
Country Director, Colombia & Dominican Republic
Madeleen Husselman
Country Director, Ghana
Country Director, Tanzania
Doug Kirke-Smith
Country Director, Rwanda
Carin Mirowitz
Country Director, Uganda
Ricardo Morel
Country Director, Myanmar
Country Director, Kenya
Nassreena Sampaco-Baddiri
Country Director, Philippines
Santiago Jose Sanchez Guiu
Deputy Country Director, Ghana
Allison Stone
Deputy Country Director, Kenya