Robert Nebathy Mwandumbya

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Robert Mwandumbya

Robert Nebathy Mwandumbya

Senior Field Manager

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Robert Mwandumbya is a Senior Field Manager at IPA Tanzania. His focus is on managing field teams and staff in a manner that ensures that field activities and data collection adhere to high-quality standards, timelines, objectives, and budgets. Most recently, Robert has been managing the implementation of the E-Savings project. This project investigates the effects of E-banking on women’s empowerment in Tanzania. He has also served as Field Manager in almost all regions of Tanzania and on a range of other projects at IPA-Tanzania such as the Digital Credit Consumer Survey (CGAP) project, Mobile Technology, and Civic Engagement project, MALT, Incentivizing Savings (AKIBA SABA) project, and Community Media projects. Robert holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations at the University of Dodoma.

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Nebathy Mwandumbya
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