IPV surveyor
July 29, 2021

An estimated 835 million people worldwide experience intimate partner violence (IPV) in their relationships. However, the true extent of IPV prevalence remains debated because—although IPV statistics are staggeringly high in some regions—many experts theorize the numbers are still underestimates.

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November 22, 2019
MIT Technology Review writes in the wake of Goldman Sach's AppleCard scandal, in which the company's algorithm for lending was criticized for being significantly biased against women, about the potential benefits of gender-differentiated lending practices.
August 15, 2017
The Peace & Recovery (P&R) Program at Innovations for Poverty Action is launching its first request for proposals, through an Expression of Interest (EOI) Form available now. Expressions of Interest are due on September 15, 2017. The P&R Program is designed to support field experiments and related research in several broad areas:
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May 15, 2015
IPA's Rules of Thumb study was mentioned the May 2015 issue of Harvard Business Review:
Julian Jamison, Dean Karlan, Jonathan Zinman, Gregory Fischer, Antoinette Schoar, Alejandro Drexler
October 20, 2014
In Uganda, nearly half of surveyed adults were unable to correctly answer a question about interest rates according to a recent Finscope study. When asked “If you were offered a loan with 5% monthly interest rate and a loan with 20% annual interest rate, which loan would offer better value?” 49% ended up choosing the more expensive loan option or were unsure of the right answer.
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October 11, 2013
In a column for the New York Times' Economic View section, Booth School of Business professor Richard Thaler discusses various approaches to financial literacy.
Gregory Fischer, Antoinette Schoar, Alejandro Drexler
November 29, 2012
Editor’s note: Russell Toth is a Lecturer in Economics at The University of Sidney. In this guest post he talks about research he presented at our Impact and Policy Conference.
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November 16, 2010
Tim Harford features research by Alejandro Drexler, Gregory Fischer and Antoinette Schoar on financial literacy in a column. The paper was presented at the recent Microfinance Impact & Innovation Conference - the bottom line being that simple rules of thumb are effective and outperform more complex financial training.Â