This resource is intended to help researchers better understand IPA's functional departments and who you should contact for assistance. 

  1. Development
  2. Finance
  3. Global Research & Data Support
  4. Grants
  5. Grants Financial Management
  6. Human Resources
  7. Legal
  8. Management Information Systems Technology
  9. Programs (Global & Country)
  10. Policy & Communications
  11. Security & Incident Reporting
  12. Program Areas
  13. Poverty Probability Index (PPI®)



  • Stewards all individual (non-institutional) donors to IPA and works with strategic institutional donors to raise unrestricted and strategic funds for IPA.


  • Contact our Development team with questions about fundraising or individual donations.



  • Monitors IPA’s financial health
  • Establishes the financial management systems necessary for overseeing donor funds and reporting


  • Most project-related financial matters are the responsibility of Country Program Management and, as such, they should be contacted as a first resort if questions arise.
  • - requests for payments of invoices or contracts
  • - For general inquiries related to IPA’s finance policies



  • Research Resources & Research Quality 
    • Develop IPA's research quality protocols, and monitor research project compliance with those protocols 
    • Build resources and software related to research and questionnaire design, as well as for data collection, management, quality, and analysis
    • Provide specialized guidance and services in research methods, data publication, and data science 
  • Research Training & Capacity Building 
    • Host the IPA/J-PAL flagship training programGlobal Research Staff Training 
    • Provide online learning opportunities, including through asynchronous e-learning, live trainings, and global peer networks 
    • Provide special staff development and mentorship opportunities, including through collaborative coding and specialized skills-building summits 
  • Research Coding Services & Support 
    • Respond to research support requests, including troubleshooting for coders 
    • Provide on-demand hourly coding services to projects and PIs, including basic services (e.g. survey programming, data flow, data cleaning and analysis) and advanced services (e.g. data visualization, manuscript preparation and analysis, web and application development, machine learning applications) 


  • - When in doubt, email this inbox with any questions related to research or data at IPA, and we will answer or connect you to the right person! The team specializes in survey design and programming, data quality and management, data science, and software development. You can also request direct coding services or troubleshooting support. 
  • - questions about Global Staff Trainings and capacity building activities
  • - questions about the IPA Institutional Review Board (IRB); staff submission of NIH Human Participant Protections Education Certificate of Completion
  • – questions about and submissions to the IPA Research Review Committee (RRC)
  • - questions about publishing replication data, registering trials, or any other topic related to open science



  • Works with researchers, country teams, and donors to negotiate, oversee, and manage compliance, reporting and deliverables for all of IPA's grants around the world.







  • Negotiates, drafts and reviews agreements such as MOUs, grants and contracts
  • Creates legal templates; Addresses intellectual property concerns


  • – all legal matters, including contract review, registration (country, corporate and charitable), local retainers, foreign and domestic compliance concerns (i.e., employment, tax, visas), lease agreements, delegations and board resolutions, records retention, corporate and international insurance, and any other general legal concerns.



  • Computer, software, and IT setup for new staff
  • General IT troubleshooting; Procurement support for IT-related goods
  • Helpdesk:



  • Provides the resources for external audiences and raises our global profile through the IPA website, mass emails, publications like the annual report, and media coverage.




  • Works to set a common vision and agenda for IPA’s geographic and sector and thematic work
  • Oversees and supports the functioning of IPA’s Country Programs worldwide
  • Supports Country Programs to develop project concepts and partnerships
  • Establishes standards, core tools and resources related to overall policy objectives, as well as research and administration in coordination with IPA’s functional departments







As of July 2016, IPA is the organizational home of the Poverty Probability Index (PPI®). The PPI is a poverty measurement tool for organizations and businesses with a mission to serve the poor. The PPI is statistically-sound, yet simple to use: the answers to 10 questions about a household’s characteristics and asset ownership are scored to compute the likelihood that the household is living below the poverty line. With the PPI, organizations can identify the clients, customers, or employees who are most likely to be poor, integrating objective poverty data into their assessments and strategic decision-making. Learn more about the PPI at, and contact the PPI Team at