October 20, 2018
Evanston, United States

The SME Program held its Ninth Working Group meeting at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University on October 20, 2018, in Evanston, Illinois. The meeting convened SME Program affiliates to discuss innovative research around SMEs and entrepreneurship. Presentations included:

Opening remarks
Dean Karlan, Northwestern University

Shocking Business Aspirations: Experimental Evidence from Small-scale Entrepreneurs in a Developing Economy
Patricio Dalton, Tilburg University

FDI and Language Barriers
Louise Guillouet, Columbia University
Management Practices and the Efficiency of Energy-Saving Investments: Evidence from Small and Medium Enterprises in China's Metalworking Industry
Valerie J. Karplus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology*

Scabs: The Social Suppression of Labor Supply     
Emily Breza, Harvard University

Graduating Microenterprises to SME-level credit in Egypt
Adam Osman, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign 

Impacts of Demand Shocks on Firm Development: Evidence from Public Procurement Lotteries in Ecuador
Dave Donaldson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stress Management Practices, Owner Well-Being, and Firm Outcomes in Bangladesh
Paula Lopez-Pena, Yale University and Innovations for Poverty Action

Monitoring and Intrinsic Motivation: Evidence from Liberia’s Trucking Firms
Golvine de Rochambeau, Sciences Po